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Eek, two months since I last posted here. Truth is, I could never write more than a few short sentences at a time during that period, and I always found these more appropriate to Facebook more than Dreamwidth (or Livejournal).

So what's been news in these two months? Well, mostly, a slew of potential health problems, be they physical (need to get checked for diabetes) or psychological (I might be depressive). Also, spectacular bouts of bad luck ranging from getting all the tricky projects at work, to serious problems erupting on all four family computers in the space of two days, to missing an occasion to reunite with former classmates due to freakin' passing out at work.

So what's with 1461? Well, it's just that, as of a few minutes ago (around 14:30EAT), worksinreallife and I have been an item for exactly 4 years, or 1461 days. The fact that it's our fourth anniversary on opposite sides of the world might have played a role in my psychological state… I really hope things get better soon.

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