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A few things acquired!
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I've spent quite a lot this month.

First, I had huge problems with my computer: even with an additional power unit, it would randomly crash and/or freeze, when it even booted to begin with. After narrowing down the symptoms, I figured that either the power unit or the graphics card was the culprit. Just to be safe, I decided to replace both. Except, the card was an aGP one… meaning that I needed to replace the motherboard if I were to get a new (PCIe) card.

So, I just went and replaced most components, since the computer need an update anyway. I got a new motherboard, CPU, RAM modules, graphics card, power unit and even a new DVD burner. The computer is now still kinda on the low-to-mid end by international standards, but it's much steadier and much more powerful than the previous one.

I'd also wanted to replace my 9-year-old Microsoft SideWinder Joystick for a while. It had already broken several times before, and I always managed to fix it. It broke again last week (trigger stopped working), and I can probably fix it again anyway, but what the heck… I went and bought a Logitech Attack 3. Note that, due to importation taxes and various factors (and the shop being dishonest), I bought it at almost 4 times the price listed on that site.

Last but not least, I got myself a custom-made drawing table.

The carpenter made it in about two weeks, which isn't bad at all considering that I had no plans to begin with.

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